Another Ragnarök update for Tunny

November 29th, 2011

Here's another Tunny (11.60) snapshot with mainly Core updates.

We still want to know about NSL issues, and regressions from 11.5x are of particular interest.

Note: When reporting a problem, please indicate whether it is a regression from 11.5x or not.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.



  • Additional fixes for the Ragnarök HTML5 parser (including NSL fixes)
  • CORE-41385 Focus won't stay in empty contenteditable=true element during IME composition
  • CORE-42946 Content moved down after table-cell displayed element inside table displayed element
  • CORE-39952 100% CPU and eats all available memory at subpage
  • DSK-351482 [Windows] 100% CPU with Aero off and Tab Bar set to right or left