September 30th, 2013

AntiCopyThis award winning plugin restricts framing whole site, printing web page and copying page contents by disabling the right click, highlight and copy functions using javascript.

It supports cross browser. Antiselect and Anticopy functions are not perfect for Opera. Because Opera doesn’t support important javascript events: oncopy, onselect etc.

1. Restrict framing
2. Restrict printing
3. Trying to prevent Printscreen
4. Ban Right Click
5. Disable selecting and copying
6. Custom popup message when right click or copy
7. Restrict by User Group
8. Multilingual ready.

Note: Almost all anticopy methods stops novices only!

Release History
1.0. Initial release.
1.1. Usergroup option has been added in J2.5 version only.
1.2. Code optimization.
1.3. Joomla event has been changed.
1.4. Anti framing tool has been added. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 version only.
1.5. “Except Opera” option has been added in anti select and copy function.
1.6. Anti drag functionality has been added in anti select function for image and link. And a tag, it disables image toolbar of IE, has been added in anti copy function.
1.7. “Disallow for Images” option has been added in anti right click function. And new functionalities (Anti Print and Printscreen) has been added.
1.7.1. Usergroup bug has been fixed in J2.5 and J3.0 version only.
1.8.0. Multilingual.
1.8.1. Tag search is improved. And default value of parameter for Anti PrintScreen changed to disabled.
1.8.2. Minor bug at usergroup option has been fixed in J3.x version only.