May 31st, 2012

AnyMail is a final solution to integrate AcyMailing.

AnyMail automagically adds users to mailing lists.

AnyMail provides a way to add High-Level Business Rules. For example, a mailing list for each JomSocial Group.

*** Examples ***

– A mailing list for each JomSocial Featured User
– A mailing list for each SobiPro Category

*** AnyMail Rules ***

– JomSocial Members of Group Rule: when a user joins a group, user is added to group’s list

– JomSocial Friends of a User Rule: when a user is added as a friend, friend is added to user’s list.

– SobiPro Entries of Category Rule: when a new entry is added, user is added to a category list.

*** How it works ***

1. The Rules

AnyMail automagically adds new Users into Mailing Lists

– AnyMail provides Rules for JomSocial & SobiPro
– More rules can be easily added
– We plan to add more rules every month

2. The Optional Notification

A user notification can be defined

– When the user is added to the mailing list, a notification is sent
– The user can always unsubscribe, following AcyMailing newsletter link.
– The notification can have these dynamic tags: {username}, {listname}, {actor}, {target}, {author}.

3. Advanced (How)

– Rules are based on SQL statements
– A new rule can be easily defined with a new statement
– You can create new rules for your business
– We provide 3 basic examples

4. Frequency (When)

– Rules can be checked and enforced in a period of time
– By default, rules run 4 times a day
AnyMail has a wizard to define the frequency (crontab expression)