January 15th, 2013

AppointmentBookingProAppointment Booking Pro is the commercial, appointment focused spin-off of the Resource Booking component for Joomla. New features in the Pro version: Resource specific Time Slots – each resource (person, place or object) can have its own timeslots defined. Copy Time Slots from day to day or resource to resource. Resource specific days – each resource can specify days to allow booking. Optional auto-accept Front-end booking cancellation Front-end booking administration (admin assigns resource administrators) More..

Admin mobile web app.
Simple mobile web app, using JQuery Mobile, for resource administrators to manage daily bookings via their smart phones. Free to registered users.

Customer mobile app.
Simple mobile web app, using JQuery Mobile, for customers to make bookings. Free to registered users.

ABPro + facebook = Let your customers make appointment bookings from inside facebook.