Art Calendar

November 12th, 2013

Art Calendar Joomla! extension allows display highly-configurable calendars and their events. Supports Google Calendar.

* Create highly-customizable calendars and events
* Google Calendar support: ability to show events from Google Calendars – unlimited number of calendars supported for main view
* Repeating (recurring) events: each N days or weeks, or each Monday each month, etc.
* Draggable/non-draggable events
* Customizable time formats, start date, day of week to start with, etc.
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing K2 items by entering K2 category id
* Ability to select an article to assign to event
* Ability to select K2 item to assign to event
* Supports com_zoo items to be assigned to calendar events
* Right to left support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description and links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Comes with mini-calendar module to show local events or agenda view
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available calendar list view and single calendar view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Supports calendar groups: calendars can be grouped and shown in a single view
* Agenda view (flat view) available:
* Specific calendar can be assigned to menu item
* Any HTML can be shown in event description
* This is open-source software