Art Data

December 13th, 2013

Art DataArt Data is a collection of user interface solutions.
It contains several plugins to work with tables, images and photo, data presentation, translation, charts and pies, menu and bookmarking. Each of effects is displayed on the page using simple plugin tag. Support several database types to get data from and display in appropriate format.

Simple how-to with demos:

* 34 plugins that come as a single package to work with and show:
– tables – sortable tables with paging, resizing and filtering support, ability to retrieve data from various databases and show in a configurable grids
– charts and graphs – several line, bar, pie, tristate, discrete, bullet, box charts, 3D graphs
– images – image slideshow, image lightbox and popup, image zoom, image reflection, Flickr support, etc.
– translation – tools to translate part of the page of full page
– data presentation – flip, notifications, items arrange
– many others – clock, iframe, bookmark, context menu, Google maps, query database, embed file, etc.

* More information and demo:

Included plugins:
Art Flexigrid – Feature rich data grid
Art SQL Table – Easy way to display database content in the table. Can connect to various types of databases
Art CSV 2 Table – Plugin to generate tables and charts from CSV file
Art Data Table – Easy accessible data in tabular view
Art Table Sorter – Sortable table
Art Table 2 Tree – Tree table
Art Moo Table – Sortable table

Charts and graphs:
Art Visualize – Easy way to visualize data
Art Sparkline – Small highly customizable inline charts
Art 3D Graph – 3D Graph
Art Table 2 Pie – Easy Pies
Art Bar – Nice bar

Images, galleries, popups:
Art Image Slider – Fancy image slider
Art Magnify – Easy image zoom
Art Reflection – Easy image reflection
Art Fullsize – Image popup
Art Colorbox – lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, external pages, Flickr photos in highly customizable popup window
Art Draggable – large draggable images

Data presentation:
Art Quick Flip – Flipping content
Art Moo Data – Data presentation
Art Notification – Customizable notifications

Art Text Translate – Tool to translate any text on the page in popup
Art Translate – Translate any page content
Art Translate Page – Page translation

Art Clock – Customizable Clock
Art IFrame – embed external pages
Art Bookmark – Bookmarking functionality
Art Context menu – Customizable context menu