Art Pretty Photo

November 3rd, 2013

Art Pretty Photo displays images, image galleries, videos (youtube), flash and external pages in pretty highly customizable popup window.

* Can display single images, image galleries, videos (youtube), external pages, Flickr feed, Flickr photo sets, Picasa albums, Bambuser video
* Several configurable options: animation speed, allow resize, show title, etc.
* 5 themes: light rounded and light square, dark rounded and dark square, facebook-style
* Can read thumbnails from custom folder
* Easy to use plugin code for galleries: {artprettyphoto path=”path_to_images_folder”/}
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Easy to use plugin code for single images: {artprettyphoto padding=”40″ opacity=”0.35″ animationSpeed=”normal” showTitle=”1″ allowresize=”1″ counter_separator_label=”/” theme=”dark_rounded” noConflict=”1″ /}
* Can display Flickr gallery
* Flickr API support: ability to display Flickr photo sets
* Can display Photobucket album photos
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Thumbnails can be generated from full size images by resizing, cropping, etc. with aspect ratio saving
* This is open-source software
* Can display title for single image and titles for image gallery created from images folder
* supports single image thumbnail which shows full gallery when clicked
* Comes with module