Art Timeline

December 18th, 2013

Art TimelineArt Timeline Joomla! component allows display highly-configurable timelines and their events.

* Create highly-customizable timelines and events
* Customizable colors, images, timeline direction, event bubble properties, interval pixels and units (millisecods, second, … , day, week, … , century, millenium)
* Ability to generate timelines and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Timelines can be horizontal and vertical
* Ability to generate timelines and events using SQL query
* Vertical and horizontal directions
* Events can be imported from CSV file
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description, images, links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available timelines list view and single timeline view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Timeline can be scrolled by mouse or by keyboard
* Comes with free Art Timeline plugin that helps easy embed timelines in Joomla! articles
* Events can be categorized and inherit styling options from the category the belong to – icon, color, etc.
* K2 support – can generate timelines from K2 category items
* Can build timeline on real time SQL query
* Supports bands – additional small timeline rows
* Supports mobile devices: iOS, Android