Article Auto Manager

October 23rd, 2013

Article Auto ManagerThis component manages your published articles automatically:
– Remove from Featured page
– Archive
– Unpublish
– Trash
– Move to Another Category
– Delete from database.

– 5 types of filter: Remove from Featured page, Archive, Unpublish, Trash, Move to Another Category, Delete from database
– Unlimited, independent and easy configurable filters
– Backend component based filter manager
– Enabled/Disabled options for all filters respectively
– 2 type of method: Age, Count
– Age unit: Day, Week, Month, Year
– Count limitation for articles
– Category and Include Subcategories options
– Periodicity for execution per filter: Hour, Day, Week, Month
– Time for execution per filter

More information & attention:
– This extension determines article’s age from published date of article.
– Be careful for Delete from Database filter.
– Don’t forget to enable plugin named Content – Article Auto Manager.
– Disable or delete unused filters.
– Too many filters furthermore filters type of “Remove from Featured” inappropriate for MySQL query limit.
– It works when visitor opens any article in any category. In other words, it works in article view mode only.
– Any filters can’t work for current article, to prevent from 404 error.
– First filter works first. So if you determine filters with logic error, you may have receive different result from what you want.

Release history:
3.0.1. Major bug has been fixed on plugin.
3.0.0. Minor bugs have been fixed. Joomla! 3.x has been supported.
2.1.0. Form for create or edit filters have been improved. New features (periodicity and execution time) have been added. Three minor bugs have been fixed.
2.0.2. Minor bugs have been fixed.
2.0.1. Minor bugs have been fixed.
2.0.0. Component based filter manager has been added. Joomla! 2.5 has been supported.
1.0.0. Initial version.