Article Suggestions

March 9th, 2013

Article SuggestionsThis is a Module & Plugin combo to display the listings of Latest Articles, Most Read Articles, Author Articles, Related Articles and Articles in Current Category.

This plugin is used to display the “More from this author” listing as well as “Related Articles” listing below the article which is being displayed. JomSocial and Community Builder support is another interesting attraction to this plugin.

The related articles will be searched based on the Title of the article so you need not enter any Meta information in the articles.

You can limit the sections and categories. The extension has a visual sections/categories selector which eases the pain of selecting multiple sections and categories at a time.

* Added support for corejoomla jQuery plugin. Now you can display the suggestions in Bootstraop tabs.

Currently available suggestions:
* Latest Articles
* Most Read Articles
* Related Articles
* Author Articles
* Articles in Current Category

Two variations of extension available:
* Module variation for placing module any position you want
* Plugin variation which will display suggestions below your articles.

* Supports User Avatars: CjBlog, JomSocial, Mighty Touch, Community Builder, Kunena, Alpha User Points

* Individual configuration for each tab: Get most out of your content. Choose which tab should display what.

* Show only places where you want: Show in selected sections and categories.

The most featured module and plugin for Joomla that comes most needy features which no other extension offers. Build you community with exiting extension pack.