Article Tool

August 22nd, 2013

Article tool is a plugin for Joomla that allows you to add functions its your articles.
Among the possibilities that the plugin offers we can choose to show on each item buttons to print, download, share and send email to the article.
Article tools can show two different buttons for social sharing (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, google plus), the classic one and the one with the counter, or a comic book next to the button with the number of times the article was shared.
The great advantage of article tool is that it shows the social buttons fully customizable graphically, in contrast to those who are bound standardized by the manufacturer.
These icons will be placed at the top or bottom of the article and the download function has two options: to create a pdf that is displayed in the browser or to create a pdf ready to be downloaded.
Article tool also allows you to customize the display in print or download.
For any problem or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact me!