ARTIO FusionCharts

August 13th, 2013

ARTIO FusionChartsARTIO FusionCharts Free is a charting extension for Joomla. Enables users to create exciting Flash charts for their Joomla sites and show them individually or within other content using a plugin provided. All common charts type are supported: column, line or pie charts also with multi-series data. FusionCharts is easy to install and use.

Animated and interactive Flash charts for Joomla.

FusionCharts Free provides you the necessary chart types and features that cover all your basic charting needs.

* You can create Column, Line and Pie charts for your single-series or multi-series data.
* Intuitive UI with easy customization.
* Interactive tooltips to show detailed information.

There exists also paid version, that adds even more chart types, as well as dynamic database connector to load data in real-time from database or CSV files.