Artisteer Virtuemart Category Menu Module

May 17th, 2012

Artisteer Virtuemart Category Menu ModuleDesigned to allow Joomla themes that are designed using Artisteer to have Product Category Menus using the same Vertical Menu style that is created in Artisteer. This allows for greater styling possibilities that the inbuilt Virturmart Category Menu.

When you change your Artisteer theme, it will also change the Virtuemart Menu!
Includes dropdown, accordion or standard Artisteer behaviours as set in the design.
Designed to work with Joomla 2.5+ and Virtuemart 2.0+ and Artisteer 3.1+

Install, configure and add art-vmenu into the module class suffix.
How to use:
1. Install the module using the Joomla Extensions Package Uploader.
2. Go to Extentions Module Manager, click mod_artisteer_vm_category
3. Modify the Title, enable or disable the titke.
4. Choose a position i.e left
5. Change Status to Published
6. Choose Category Layout from Default, Acordian and Dropdown.
7. Include JQuery yes or no, default is yes.
8. Included Default layout icon, this indicates a sub category or child to dropdown.
9. As with all Artisteer styling for modules, you must add art-vmenu in the Module Class Suffix