Artists Manager

September 18th, 2012

Artists ManagerJArtist Manager is the Joomla Solution to managing Labels and Artists.

Use JArtist as the core component for a Band or Label Directory or website.

JArtist includes the following areas to manage

Artists Management

Manage Artists Profiles with just a few clicks. It’s a simple step to add the Artists’ Biography, main image, Facebook links and more.

Discography Management

Create a log of all the Albums, EP’s, LP’s, Mixtapes and Singles of each artists in the system. You can add both back and front cover, description and links to purchase.

Video Management

Using JArtists Manager, you can add a list of videos for each artist and have thumbnails automatically grabbed and displayed.

Photo/Gallery Management

For any listing component, photos are very important and for any manager, uploading photos should be quick and simple. This component allows you to create unlimited Photo Galleries/Albums for each artist and unlimited photos to each. Not only can you upload one photo at a time, but you can also perform batch uploads.

All photos are then resized and thumbnails generated.

Events/Tour Management

JArtists provide a simple way to add events for each artist. Whether it is a concert or radio interview time, you can use the Events Manager to spread the word.

Press/News Management

Additional to the Tour Management, the system also includes the ability to start a blog or news asset specifically for each artists. Now you can avoid messy categories and linking.

Weblinks Management

Last but not least, is Weblinks Management. This area of the system allows you to add relevant links to each artist. For instance, myspace, twitter, sponsors etc….

Functionality features include
– Batch Uploading of Images in Gallery
– Thumbnail Creation
– Entry Featuring
– Plugin Extensible
– Hits Manager

Package includes 4 modules and 1 plugin with more being created on request based on forum feedback.