AUser Manager

January 27th, 2013

AUser ManagerAdds some features to the Joomla! core user management. These are geolocation, spam fighting countermeasures, ajax username availability check, and user account self deletion.

The geolocation feature for your site members using IPInfoDB free Ip address geolocation tools allows to display members geo data on google maps.
Spam fight service use some of the most important spam fight webservices like:ProjectHoneyPot, Botscout, StopforumSpam, FSpamList, SpamHaus, Spamcop, Sorbs, Akismet, Mollom, and Defensio to help you in the war of spam.

Like most important site adds username availability check on registration without sending the entire form with ajax.

Permits user to remove their account without the need to ask webmaster.