Authipay (AIB Merchant Services) for VirtueMart

October 7th, 2013

Authipay (AIB Merchant Services) for VirtueMartThe Authipay plugin (AIB Merchant Services) works for VirtueMart 2 & Joomla 2.5.x ! It uses the Connect solution and the hosted payment page from Authipay. With this easy option, you use ready-made form pages for the payment process that are provided and host on AIB Merchant Services authipay servers. Your customer will be forwarded to Authipay when it comes to payment and can enter the sensitive cardholder data on their SSL-encrypted page. This option facilitates compliance with the Data Security Standard of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) as the payment processing is completely hosted by AIB Merchant Services authipay.

Afterwards the customer will be redirected to your VirtueMart 2 shop. Your system will be notified about the payment result, so that VirtueMart can automatically update the order with the details of the transaction, and eventually send the confirmation email to your customer. In the VirtueMart back end, you will find all the details of the Authipay transaction: Approval code, Transaction status, Terminal ID, etc.

Authipay brought to you by AIB Merchant Services and offers a convenient way to accept online payments. Authipay provides a combined payment gateway facility and merchant account services (one contract, one bill; quicker boarding process, merchant account and gateway all in one; with competitive pricing).

You will require a AIB Merchant Services Authipay account in order to use the Puma-IT Authipay plugin. For instructions on how to setup our plugin, please visit our documentation section.

Release 1.02 – Fixing error with Currency: now every VM currency has the correct ISO
code converted for Authipay (however, all the currencies are NOT supported)
Release 1.01 – Fixing Live/Test URL (was updated by IPG).

This plugin has been successfully tested with Joomla 2.5.7+ and VirtueMart 2.0.12+.
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