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May 24th, 2013 SIM Payment Module for VirtuemartTake payments from your customers via without your customers leaving your website. No SSL needed as transaction takes place on the server.

SIM doesn’t collect credit cards on your own site. It sends the customer to’s website to checkout on their secure page. Server Integration Method (SIM) provides a secure hosted payment form to make integration easy for Web merchants that do not have an SSL certificate. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can handle all the steps in the secure transaction process:

Secure payment data collection
Secure transmission of payment information for settlement
Secure cardholder information storage

Passes virtuemarts billing and shipping information to auto populate the form at

Has to options

1) If no SS, process stops at point of payment at, payment is completed and then shows the success page, no redirection back to your website. admin has to manually update the order.

2) with SSL, once payment is completed, order is updated, customer is redirected to your virtuemart success page, order id and transaction id will be stored.