Auto Assign ACL Group for Community Builder

November 23rd, 2011

A bargain at only $10 this Community Builder plugin allows you to control a users Joomla ACL group using a Community Builder profile field. The plugin works optionally at user registration and profile update to offer complete control of the user’s group

The plugin is compatible with all other cb plugins and cb 1.4 -> 1.7.1
Installation is simple and straightforward and every purchase comes with a lifetime of 24 Hrs email support.

Auto Assign ACL Group for Community Builder lets you create a cb field lets say a drop down or textfield then it matches the value of that field to joomla user groups and if the value is there it will put that user in the matching group.
The beauty of this is that it works with custom user groups and any other plugin

Features include:

Compatible with CB Profile Pro
Options to activate on registration on profile update or both
Options to assign only that group or add a group to the existing groups
Guiding system messages that explain any configuration errors