Auto Category Accordion Menu

May 24th, 2013

Auto Category Accordion Menu– Automatic menu generation by articles and categories structure (this menu does not exist in Joomla “Menu” backend section)
– Showing categories
– Searching categories’ index articles by customizable regular expression
– Categories and articles ordering control
– Full CSS control of displaying menu: a LOT of various classes assigned to menu items
– Customizable filtering features:
— Filtering by atricles/categories published/unpublished status
— Root node visibility customizing
— Category query depth option
— Ablility to union top levels of menu
— Ability to hide some menu levels parent of child to selected
— Hiding by CSS of removing hidden menu items
— Hiding items in not selected branches
— Controlling behavior of hiding nodes if no one selected
— and the others!
– Menu shows as vertical folding links list using JQuery based Java Script.