Auto responder

September 16th, 2013

Auto responderNew on 16 Sept 2013:
* Added JomSocial support – messages will go to JomSocial message system. Option to Enable/Disable JomSocial messaging.
* Create Email templates based on Joomla user group

New on 04 Oct 2012:
* Added unsubscribe link in all outgoing emails. Admin can see list of Unsubscribed users in back end and subscribe them back again.

Autoresponder, despite it’s name, is created to help those of you who run online courses (lessons) and need to send out updates weekly or monthly based on uer registration date.
As a bonus a Reminder email system is added. It will send email to remind your users that they haven’t visited your website in X number of days (configured at the backend).

Please make an enquiry if you are not certain that Autoresponder is for you.

**Autoresponder does not have a field for extra registration of user email as it takes email data from Joomla native registration table**

Auto responder is an easy to install, configure and use Joomla Component.

Despite it’s simplicity Auto responder is very powerful and helps website owners to stay in constant contact with the website users.

Auto responder for Joomla has two main options:

* Follow-up emails – based on user registration date and
* Reminder emails – based on user last log in date

The simple Email Template system allows you to create and store your emails and the unique email send function triggers on a certain event.

You have access to all emails at Joomla’s backend and you can manually edit each one of them or add more if you like.

Read the documentation if you’d like to learn more.