AutoAnchor Menu

March 16th, 2012

AutoAnchor MenuLong article? Automatically generated menu to article sections will improve user experience.

The menu is being composed from the header tags present in article (H1..H9) and links to the top
and the bottom of the page and scrolls the user to relevant section.

– Configure which headers to include in the menu (for example, only H2 and H3 tags can be configured to be included);
– Flat or tree-like (for example, H2 and H3 could be merged into single menu level or be on different levels);
– Can have links to top and to bottom at the beginning of the menu and/or at the end.
– Doesn’t depend on jQuery or Mootools

For best experience, AutoAnchor Menu can be used together with Absolute Floating Menu module, which will help AutoAnchor Menu stay onscreen.