Automated testing 2.1 deployed – contributed projects

January 23rd, 2010

Contributed project result

After a lot of work, waiting, staging, and such I am proud to announce the addition of contributed projects to the automated testing system. Contributed projects may now take advantage of the same system that Drupal core developers have been using for over a year with great success. The deployment comes quickly after the recent 2.0 launch in late November of 2009. In addition to adding support for contributed project testing a number of other features have been added, most notably:

  • Coder and Coder Tough Love review support.
  • General e-mail notifications – the devlist mailing list will get an e-mail when Drupal core breaks.
  • A number of UI/workflow improvments on
  • Grouping of reviews by type or plugin to make room for a cleaner multiple database testing workflow.
  • Additional administrative tools for and testing clients.
  • Views RSS feed plugin for aggregation of test events and results.

For an example of the test results, please take a look at the current Drupal 7 (HEAD) results or one of our beta contributed project results, such as poormanscron.