May 1st, 2013

AutoTubeCreate Joomla articles direct from your YouTube channel!
Create a video on YouTube and it will automatically create an article in Joomla, complete with automatic YouTube video embedding, YouTube description, and a link to your video on YouTube.
* Instant creation of new articles – direct from YouTube!
* Embed your YouTube videos automatically
* Adjust the YouTube video height and width – for both the introduction and main article
* Add the YouTube video description to your new articles
* Add a link to the original YouTube video
* Optional add text above and below the imported YouTube description + video
* Select the Joomla article category for your YouTube video
* Define Joomla article publish status for your YouTube video
* Define how often to check for new YouTube videos
* Advanced YouTube video embedding options for articles
* Language packs available in English and Dutch

Minimum System Requirements
* A YouTube video channel: Select any YouTube channel you like – the YouTube channel name looks something like

* This is a great way to very quickly populate your Joomla site with countless articles and videos from YouTube! Just add the YouTube channel name and enable the plugin!
* If you have suggestions or need support, please email me, or use the support forum on the download page.