AutoTweetNG for EasyDiscuss

January 22nd, 2013

AutoTweetNG for EasyDiscussAutoTweetNG for EasyDiscuss posts from Joomla to social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

AutoTweetNG plugin for EasyDiscuss publishes your discussions to social networks via AutoTweet NG.

The plugin requires AutoTweetNG. AutoTweetNG product series posts title, text, images and url for new Joomla articles, forum posts etc. automatically as status messages to Twitter, Facebook and E-Mail accounts.

AutoTweet is a great hub to integrate your Questions & Answers with the world. We’ve developed this extension to integrate EasyDiscuss and AutoTweetNG:


– Post questions to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
– Post answers to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
– Autopublish / Manual approval
– Numbers of characters restriction
– Message Format: Title, content, and Image
– Show URL
– Show categories
– Show categories as hashtag
– Use title or text
– Advanced: Source for title/text, Metakey/Tag count, Static text, and Position for text.
– Filters by Categories (Included/Excluded) or User

Change Log

*** Version 6.4.0 ***

Initial Release