Simple Availability

April 21st, 2013

Booking and availability Manager is the ideal booking and availability tool for your company. It is highly configurable and ideal for individuals/businesses which need to show availability and take bookings for rooms or properties (i.e holiday cottages, hotels, booking agents, accommodation listing websites etc.).

It works by:

1) Administrator creates a calendar and assigns properties/rooms to that calendar. They also configure when the changeover days are.

2) Now when the administrator views the calendar they’ll see all future dates and all the properties/rooms they want to be shown. Now the administrator can customise the price for each separate property/date/room.

3) Your visitors view the calendar and they’ll be able to see the prices you’ve set, the list of properties/rooms available and they can then click on the relevant date/price to book the room/property.

4) Once they’ve clicked on the link they’re sent to a booking page/checkout, here they can choose to pay via PayPal Payments Pro or Bank Transfer. Once they’ve paid they get a confirmation email and the website administrator also gets an email.

5) The property/room is then marked as “booked” on the calendar and the administrator can view all the booking details from within the “Order page”.

*****Features Include****
– Unlimited calendars
– Unlimited properties/rooms
– Flexible booking periods
– One page booking form
– Group details in booking form
– PayPal Payments Pro integration
– Bank transfer payment method
– Additional products for bookings
– Automatic hold/sold of properties
– Security deposit feature
– Password protected periods for properties
– Front end administration
– Bookings manager
– Dynamic email confirmation templates
– And many more

Video Walk through:

***** Recent Release Notes *****

1.0.1 – 12/4/2013
added in admin view classes for active tab, stoped the categories tab to be selected by default
added configuration text areas for booking form, intro part and bank transfer part
made the group details to be configurable show/no show
added card fee configuration value, 0 would disable it
added license key check

1.0.2 – 21/4/2013
Public release of component working with joomla 3
Updated styling