AwoCoupon Email

August 6th, 2012

AwoCoupon EmailAwoCoupon Email Plugin is a powerful plugin which works together with AwoCoupon to produce auto-generated emails with coupons. Based on specific criteria selected, automatic coupon emails can be set for new user registration, order placement, and/or published product reviews.

The process is extremely easy. Simply create the coupon within AwoCoupon and use the template in AwoCoupon Email Plugin. And as usual, there is always room for personal touch and creativity!

+ Generate automatic coupon emails for new user registration
+ Generate automatic coupon emails for orders placed with optional minimum spend restriction
Generate automatic coupon emails for product reviews
+ Ability to stop registration coupons if customer has ordered within the number of days you setup
Template based coupons
+ Option to set expiration time frame
+ Set CC and BCC fields
+ Compatible with AwoCoupon Free and Pro