B2 Portfolio

September 7th, 2013

B2 PortfolioWe are going to create some nice effects for a portfolio or similar website with jQuery. We will create a tiny slider and integrate it with the amazing Cloud Zoom plugin and the elegant Fancybox plugin.

The idea is to give the user the option to view details of a portfolio item by zooming it on hover, and to allow a full view by clicking. Moreover, we want to have a couple of images for each item, hence we will create a slider.

When integrating jQuery scripts, it sometimes happens that there are conflicts, be it because of some shared attribute or because of some specific structure that is needed by each jQuery plugin. In this tutorial we will bump into some of these conflicts and we will adapt some lines of code in order to bypass them.

**General Features List :
-> Make your Portfolio with Smart lookup and Divisions with Category.
-> Category and details two separate section.
Category Section Enable-Disable Option available.
-> Add your Portfolio Objects with thumb and big images.
-> Add Thumb up to 1 t 3 images.
-> Nice way for Present your Objects with big images.
-> Click with Enlarge Thumb and Direct Preview with Previous Next button.
-> Smooth Jquery Effect with Nice background Effect.

★★★ UPDATE 1.5:
-> Joomla 1.5 / Joomla 1.6 and joomla 1.7 Stable Release.
-> Security Release.
-> Now URL Open on New Tab(Problem Fixed).
-> Added Ordering Up-Down system on Back End.
-> Category Sorting added in Back End.

★★★ UPDATE 1.6:
-> Now able to Category Section Enable / Disable From Admin Panel
-> Some CSS Conflict Solution Provided.

★★★ UPDATE 2.2:
-> Designing Improved.
-> Category Section Made flexible with Increase-Decrease Category submission.
-> Now you able to Thumb as per your need One-Two or Three.
-> View More link Show Hide Option available.
-> Category Portion Hide Show Option available.

★★★ UPDATE 2.7:-
-> Care about each and everything options dynamic.
-> Design improved.
-> Now its supported to joomla3.0

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