Banckle Online Meeting

July 16th, 2011

Banckle Online Meeting Widget seamlessly integrates into your Joomla website and allows your website visitors to register for your Banckle Online Meeting sessions. Banckle account is not required for your meeting attendees. Password protected and invite-only meetings can also be configured.

Being Collaborative and Social

Be it conducting eLearning sessions, holding web conferences or having HD video webinars, the Banckle Online Meeting is the ultimate solution to meet all your online conferencing and collaboration requirements. Create one-time or recurring meetings. Invite the participants, prepare the meetings in advance or change the meeting settings while in session. Record entire meeting sessions, download or directly share the meeting recording with anyone. Apply password on meeting recording. Conduct whiteboard sessions. Share specific application or the entire desktop. Enjoy web conferencing at its best. No wonder its users have collectively experienced more than 2 million minutes of web conferencing so far.

Being Free

Banckle Online Meeting is currently one of the most powerful and robust meeting applications in the market yet it is very easy on your pocket. As it comes at the best possible price…i.e. Free! Moreover, its packed with video tutorials ( for almost every major task.

Being Customizable

Banckle Online Meeting ( offers an excellent user interface and application customization. Its security settings and run-time User Interface adjustments are cutting edge.

Being Feature-rich

As of now, Banckle Online Meeting has 68 discrete features and counting. Some of the salient features are:

* Win, Mac, & Linux Compatible
* Highly Customizable Layout
* Multi-point Video Display
* Large Size (480p) Video Conference
* Video Streaming
* Meeting Recording and Recasting (Interactive Playback)
* Downloadable Recordings
* Permanent Meeting URL
* Mute All or Specific Participants
* Allow/disallow Webcam
* Supports a whopping 200 attendees per meeting
* Marketplace Apps/Plugins
* Powerful Application API and Libraries

Being Alternative

We can proudly claim that Banckle Online Meeting is the one of the most feature-rich, diverse, and affordable web conferencing solution. Our 25% lifetime discount for ex-DimDim customers is still going on. Its also been proving a very suitable alternative to GoToMeeting, WebEx and Adobe Connect.

Being User-centered

Other vendors provide you “what you see is what you get” applications. Based on its user-centered philosophy Banckle provides you “what you think is what you get” applications. We listen to over customers, take them seriously and make it happen for them.

Being Integrative

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Marketplace at Banckle is developing tools for all sorts of CMS and other platforms like WordPress, Joomla and FaceBook