Barracuda Release Candidate

April 6th, 2011

Since we first introduced Opera 11.10 “Barracuda”, you have seen a couple of new features, countless bugfixes, and lots of snapshots. The result of all this work is soon about to culminate in the final release of Barracuda.

Today we present you with a Barracuda Release Candidate.

This RC adds additional fixes to make Barracuda even more stable and streamlined. Several more crash bugs have been fixed, we have continued to polish Speed Dial, and there are numerous other fixes in there as well.

We have also reduced Opera’s power consumption on Windows Vista and 7 when the computer is running on battery. This means that benchmark scores may be lower on battery power alone, so make sure you plug in the power cord before running any benchmarks!

At this point, we are mostly interested in any major new problems or issues. We will, of course, continue to work on future versions even as we release Barracuda from its holding tank, so any fixes that didn’t make it are candidates for a future version.

But for now, please focus on possible release blockers for Barracuda. That will make it a lot easier for everyone when browsing through the comments.

Thanks for the testing so far!

Known issues

  • Translations have not been updated yet (they will be updated if the build is released as the final version)

Note: Before reporting any possible release blockers, please consider doing a clean install to verify if it still happens there. Some problems seem to be caused by “dirty” installations of snapshots on top of older snapshots with experimental code.