Basic FOSS HTML5 Rotator

April 21st, 2013

Basic FOSS HTML5 RotatorA basic Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) image and video rotator which provides HTML5 video support for compatible browsers. This free download incorporates HTML5 video elements in a extension in order to promote the use of non-proprietary video players. Using HTML5 video, it allows a rotator to seemlessly mix beautiful images and video within the same rotator. The basic features of this rotator allow configuration for different images, videos, links and sizes, but does not support more advanced rotator features such as transitions. Contact for any support or help. Make sure you include “FOSS HTML5 Rotator” in your e-mail subject when seeking assistance.

– Rotates from 1 to 5 images or videos
– Supports graphics images of popular formats (png, jpg, or any other graphics formats which can be displayed by HTML image source links)
– Supports HTML5 video formats (video/mp4 and video/ogg)
– Uses Module Manager interface to allow customization
– Use default images/video or substitute your own files
– Adjust module size to fit your page
– Allows different durations for each image/video
– Define an external link for each image
– Provides HTML5 video controls for mobile and Safari based browsers
– Supports HTML5 capable browsers (tested on Firefox 11.0, Safari 5.1.7, Chrome Desktop 25.0, Internet Explorer 9.0, Opera 9.8, Seamonkey 2.16.1, mobile Chrome CriOS/25.0, Mobile Safari version 6.0/iPad2, Android Browser Version 4.0/ICS)

– Only up to 5 images and videos can be displayed within each module instance
– No transition effects between images/video are supported
– Autoplay is not supported for any Safari-based browsers (including mobile Safari and Safari desktop browsers on Mac OS)
– Only one link for each image is allowed
– Image sources will be used first even if video sources are defined in the Module Manager for the same image
– No flash player support for video tags is provided (because flash players are not FOSS)
– Does not support video/webm video

Known Problems:
– Autoplay is not implemented for Safari desktop browser (Mac OS)
– Error messages fail on older desktop browsers due to autoplay controls
– Error messages are hard to read on older browsers that do not fail
– Video controls on mobile browsers may not respond gracefully after an external link is clicked; you may need to refresh the page after using external links from videos in order to make video controls respond again
– On mobile Safari, external links for video elements can only be activated by pressing on the top of the video tag frame (external links do not respond within video frame’s boundaries); Note: this problem was found on Safari on iPad2 only while no problems were found when using mobile Chrome on the same iPad2 device