Best Google Chrome Extensions 2020

February 26th, 2020

It makes sense to work as efficiently as possible because you spend the entire day on your device, and most of it is focused on internet browsing. The good news is that web browser plugins or extensions will help to improve the online experience to increase your productivity.

You can use these extensions to save some material to read at a later time, improve your blog writing experience as well as track your activities on social media. We have compiled a list of best Google Chrome extension in 2020 for you so that you can work smoothly increase your productivity while working online.

What is a Google Chrome extension?

The days have gone since everyone almost had to start with Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is not only a great browser, but there are also several extensions available to enhance functionality.

Extensions are small software applications that can change and improve the Chrome browser’s capabilities. Most of the extensions have no user interface at all, and some of them have a little bit of it. You can download Chrome Web Store extensions, and most are free, but some are paid. Most extensions are found in the browser bar after installation. You can also access them by clicking the right button on your mouse. There are thousands of extensions, each with various functionalities. Check the list for some cool and best trending Chrome extensions that could help you in your work in a big way.


With just one button, Buffer will help share great content from around the world on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Buffer is a great time-saving extension and an excellent tool to schedule your posts for social media. You have some options when you have read certain content on the web that you want to share in social media.

You can use the website sharing buttons and press many times to post them on every forum. You can once press the Buffer icon and post it with the various platforms. The second option is better because you can access the material by pressing it, and you can schedule it at one click.

ColorPick Eyedropper

A color picker and eye dropper extension for Chrome is a tool that is used to pick values of colors from a website. The extension of ColorPick Eyedropper is a beauty. It’s nice to test the color used for text, pictures, or logos on a web page. While making our featured photos, we use it to test the brand color. It uses the snapshot feature to pick the colors. To show alternate color schemes, pick the Color Picker in conjunction with Color Hex Guide.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper extension is used to save the material in Evernote account from the web. If you then have an Evernote account, the Evernote Web Clipper extension will again be an excellent instrument for increasing its power. Only click on the icon for the Web clipper to build a toolbar of choices to save the website.

There is a simplified article feature that drops both adverts and sidebar things to provide you with a clear document.

Feedly Mini

Feedly Mini Chrome extension is the best way to add material to your Feedly account. You’ll want the Feedly Mini Chrome extension if you’re using Feedly to keep up to date with your favorite websites. A tiny icon is positioned in the bottom right corner of the chrome window.

To access the links above icon, click on them. You can add some other accounts like an e-mail account, Facebook, or Twitter account.


The Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome is an online grammar and spell checker. Everywhere you write using Grammarly; it increases your reputation as a good writer. The Chrome Grammarly Extension helps you to track any web content while writing on a Blogpost, Facebook, or Twitter, etc. You can always be confident using Grammarly extension that your sentences are right, and you are saying what you actually mean.


The MozBar SEO Toolbar for Chrome allows you to create custom queries, compare keywords and links, easily show page elements, general attributes, markup, and access other important SEO resources in one place. It is very helpful when searching for material to check the title and the Meta description of articles. It mainly works with web metrics and is a tool for SEO.


You may be familiar with Pablo if you are using or ever used Buffer. This extension allows you to use a piece of text on the web to create an image based on that text. You can use these text-based images to share on your social media. It is an extension offered by Buffer. You can create images for various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. It aims at engaging social media content in a short time as possible.

Print Friendly

PrintFriendly is an extension for Google Chrome that offers an ultimate printing experience by formatting the web page for printing. It eliminates navigation, advertising, routing, and domain clutter, to save ink and paper during the printing process.

If you save everything to Evernote, you can argue that this tool is not required. Nevertheless, for Evernote, depending on your schedule, you are only given a certain amount of monthly storage, and this functions just as well often.


PrepostSEO tools for Google Chrome is an extension by PrepostSEO that helps you perform any type of SEO tasks. You can use more than 45 plus tools by PrepostSEO if you install this extension in your Chrome browser. Some of those tools that you can use with this extension are Domain and Page authority checker, IP Address of current URL, MOZ rank, SEO score checker, and many more. SEO tasks are simplified in this Chrome extension. You don’t need to install separate extensions for different SEO tools because you get that in one download with the PrepostSEO extension.


The above-listed nine Chrome extensions are perfect for handling almost every aspect of your online work. These extensions are free of cost. You can use these extensions in your Google Chrome to make your work easy and comfortable. Ease and comfort are the basic elements behind these little pieces of applications.