January 14th, 2012

BIGSHOT FlashThis plugin allows you to quickly add a flash banner, video, or other hosted or external SWF file to Joomla articles or to a custom HTML module.

All parameters are optional. If you don’t specify any particular parameter, then it is pulled from the default plugin parameters.

In most cases, all you need is path to your SWF file and desired width and height.

Some parameters can be ignored or overriden by the SWF file.

Usage Syntax: {Flash=yourpath/yourfile.swf|parameter=value|parameter=value|…}

The full list of available parameters:

width – in pixels
height – in pixels
quality – low, medium, high
scale – default, exactfit, noborder, noscale
wmode – direct, gpu, opaque, transparent, window
bgcolor – in #RRGGBB format
base – base directory or URL if you need to resolve relative paths in the SWF file
id – if you need to assign id to your tag
play – true or false for AutoPlay
loop – true or false for looping
allowFullScreen – true or false
menu – true or false for movie controls in Flash Player context menu


Display a 728×90 banner test.swf:
assuming that file test.swf is located in /public_html/media/flash/

Same banner displayed from another domain:
assuming that there is actual SWF file at

Embed YouTube video:
where ID is YouTube video id; to find an id for the video on YouTube, look for v= parameter in the URL
for example, if YouTube URL is, then ID is RHhYc3kJVgk

Podcast via JWPlayer:
assuming that you have file jwplayer.swf in /public_html/players/ and file podcast.mp4 in /public_html/media/

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