BIT Virtuemart TopX Pro

October 2nd, 2011

BIT Virtuemart TopX ProThis module is based on the original Virtuemart module “topten”, but improves and enhances it in many respects.

BIT Virtuemart TopX Pro lists the most popular products of your Virtuemart Shop where you can choose to either display the bestselling or the most viewed products. Alternatively you can show the least propular products to direct the attention of your shoppers to these products.

In contrast to the original module BIT Virtuemart TopX Pro handles products with child products. Child products can either be listed separately or their sales and views are summed up.

By default all selected products are displayed statically, but it is also possible to present them with a scrolling effect.
Parameters that can be set in the backend include:

– selection of products according to sales or views
– handling of child products (list them separately or sum up their sales and views)
– selection of product features which are displayed (numbering, product name, image, price)
– use of Virtuemart thumbs or use of individual image sizes
– parameters for the scroller (direction, size, duration etc.)
– number of listed products

Apart from the parameters in the module’s backend, the layout can be further styled with the CSS files included. The structure of the module is MVC, so that you can write an override for the output.

Supported languages: german, english