May 2nd, 2013

BK-MultiThumbBK-Thumb is a multi-purpose image plugin for Joomla that can automatically create thumbnails and popups of the original images, as well as resize the full-size images or add a watermark to them. It can even scramble the images names so that people cannot guess their original non-watermark locations.

For articles shown in blog mode, it can create a link from the first image to the full article for better user navigation.

It can also create a simple photo gallery from any folder by just including one of the images from the folder and give it the description (alt text) “mt_gallery” (or using the new tagging feature).

See the examples and how-to’s below for inspiration and instructions!

Please note that when you use BK-Thumb for the first time on a given page, the server has to process all the images which might take quite some time. The same applies when you clear BK-Thumb’s cache.

For upgrade install a new version without uninstalling the previous one.

Release 2.5.0:
iLoad gallery
prettyPhoto slideshow
Image grouping for slideshow
Resizing images to user defined size
More watermarking control
Gallery image caption control
Leading images size

Release 2.4.3:
Shadowbox support was added.
thickbox no more supported.
prettyPhoto support was added.
Configuration for blogs and articles was separated.
Transparent color support was added.
Support image type of generated images was added.
IPTC Caption support was added.
Slimbox, prettyPhoto and ShadowBox full control was added.
Watermark article category parameter was added.
Bug fixing.