Black Rabbit Component Creator

September 2nd, 2013

Tired of creating a file structure every time you create a new component for Joomla? Let us do it for you! This easy-to-use tool creates an installable component package from the configurations you set. Just select which Joomla version you want it to install to and get to typing. No sign-up necessary!

Black Rabbit is a free Joomla component creator for Joomla 2.5 or 3.0

New features – v.1.1.3
– New Module Creator (Structure) for Members!!
– Bug Fix Joomla 3.0 component not working well whenever K2 component is also installed.. Thanks Rainer!

New features – v.1.1.1
– Image Upload functionality added!
– Set a pixel limit on images, it resizes to those specs!
– Editable limits from component config modal, so you can set what the pixel dimensions are even after the component is created and installed.
– Also an option to delete the image uploaded
– BEFORE the image is removed from the site, it makes sure it is not being used anywhere else in the component, if it is, it doens’t delete it, it just removes it from the current item.
– Bug Fix Error saving fields in other views!

New features – v.1.1.0
– Added some preset fields (user created/modified, date created/modified) to select for field types!
– Added check out for each item to the table.
– Added checkin text to admin language file.
– Added when category is set to display in manager listing view, shows the category title and a link to edit the category for each item.

New features – v.1.0.5
– When saving from a singular view, and the return listing view (in administrator) is not exact plural, then return to correct parent view! This has been a big one that I have yet to fix… until now! Whoooaa!
– Site/Models JModelList error fixed, spacing removed.
– Errors on tool when hitting edit, if no fields are required/show on manager, has been fixed!
– Custom fields file has numbers in filename, causing problems on some installations. Fix to no longer have numbers in filename.
– Removed number limitations from field names.
– Changed foreach/if statements to be brackets instead of colons. Taking code editors that look for brackets into consideration.
– Added notes about ID field already being created in each table.

New features – v.1.0.1
– Language support added for BRCC site home page! (English, Spanish and French) – German coming soon.
– Added option to delete a view when using the tool! This has been long overdue but I have now added this to the many things you can do with Black Rabbit.
– Bug Fix Javascript errors with tool has been fixed.
– Bug Fix Membership edit button causing all fields to be checked required or show on manager fixed.
– Bug Fix Server errors fixed for updating.
– Bug Fix Version tag updated when editing.

New features – v.1.0.0
– Membership Manager Added! Now you can sign up and manager/edit/download all your components you create.
– You are now able to sign-up, and save all of your components