Booking Wizard

November 22nd, 2013

Booking WizardBooking Wizard is a multi-widget plug-in which provides all the components necessary to operate a fully enabled Self-Catering Accommodation website. It has an unique Booking Calendar Wizard (with transition effects), Availability Search Widget and Administration Centre, all ajax enabled. Each of the widgets has a selection of configuration options to enable you to operate it all from within your own or your clients website.

NEW: Broker accounts now Available for broker services

Note: This calendar product is a web service and the Joomla plugin enables ease of integration only.

* Book on-line and in real time
* Provisional or Confirmed booking requests
* Automatic payment tracking
* Instant pricing
* Instant email notification
* Automatic calendar update
* Add/Remove bookings
* Make owner bookings
* View all bookings in time Order
* View all bookings in Reference Order
* Notification by SMS to your mobile phone
* Works in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, etc.
* Add extras / supplements / discounts
* Configure different rates; spring / summer / autumn / winter / special
* Fits nicely into your client’s website, same data source, so no need to update twice
* Optional Payments integration to the payment provider of your or your choice (PayPal, Sagepay, etc)
* Instant payment notification IPN (This confirms a payment from your client via payments integration)
* Instant booking notification IBN (This confirms a valid booking request, can be used to add extra programming hooks)
* Download all bookings in CSV format (suitable for Spreadsheet Applications)
* Fully configure the calendar environment per individual property