Bringing Google Pay to PaymentRequest

July 26th, 2018

In September 2016 Chrome launched support for the PaymentRequest API, which offers a secure, seamless checkout experience built right into the browser. As part of that launch, Chrome offered support for the basic-card payment method. This allowed users to pay for goods online via PaymentRequest with credit or debit cards stored locally in Chrome or, for signed-in users, stored within their Google Account.

As of version 70, Chrome will no longer return cards stored in a user’s Google Account as part of the basic-card payment method. To continue getting access to cards stored in a user’s Google Account, developers will need to add support for Google Pay. This change is due to the fact that beginning with version 68, Chrome supports the Payment Handler API, a standards-based way for the browser to communicate with digital payment providers. Google Pay supports this standard.

Getting started with Google Pay is easy. Visit the developer site for a quick tutorial and review the latest Google Pay brand guidelines for best practices. When you are ready to implement, just follow the detailed checklist to test your integration and request production access.

You can find troubleshooting tips for common issues and can contact the Google Pay team if you need any additional help. Thanks for helping us make payments on the web a great experience for users everywhere.

Posted by Zach Koch, Product Manager