Browser update news

April 24th, 2014

What better way to celebrate the new redesigned Dev.Opera than with a round-up of new Opera browser releases?

Opera Coast for iPhone released!

Since Opera Coast was released for iPad last year, people have been asking us when it’ll be available for iPhone. Ta-da! Coast 3 is in the App Store today.

Homescreen, recent sites and search have been redesigned for iPhone, while both iPhone and iPad versions have speed, security and stability enhancements, a new design for context menus (long press in web pages) and a more discoverable design for the sharing menu in the recent sites. Developers can make site tile icons for Opera Coast, or it will use heuristics to choose an site tile icons automatically.

The idea is to close the UX gap between native apps and the web on iOS devices. As Time said in its review, “As before, Coast is polished, fun and fluid — and on the iPhone, you can pretty much navigate the whole experience with your thumb. It’s fascinating to see what a web browser looks like when all the cruft that browsers have built up over the years gets stripped away in one fell swoop.”

So download Opera Coast. You’re shore to like it. (Ha!)

Opera 21 for Android

Our Chromium-based mobile browser has been upgraded to version 21. It sports a shiny revamped Discover feature, with Chromium 34 under the hood, and lots of stability and usability enhancements.

Get Opera 21 for Android on Google Play, or download directly.

Opera Mini 8 for Java and BlackBerry

Opera Mini 8 for Java and BlackBerry has been redesigned and now has Private Browsing, Night Mode, keyboard access to tabs and a revamped data savings overview.

Opera Mini for Android has been tweaked to better support high-resolution screens and RTL languages.

Opera 12.17 for Windows

Opera 12.16 Windows installer was theoretically vulnerable to a Heartbleed attack from someone in possession of a valid Opera certificate. As Sigbjørn from security writes, “While it is unlikely that someone has gained access to a certificate of ours, we cannot rule out that some foreign intelligence agency has done so, and we want to be on the safe side.”

Opera 12 for Windows will update itself automatically. Mac and Linux are not affected, and will not receive a 12.17 update.