BT Login

January 4th, 2013

BT LoginBT Login module is alternate Joomla! login module with special styles associated and can be placed at various position, while you can retain the standard login module in the default position.

Extensions features:

Ability to run the same time with login module of Joomla
2 style display options : Modal box and Drop down
Allow to load other modules
Log-in/Log-out Redirection Page options
Ajax Login & Ajax Registration
Support Recaptcha
Support to open login/registration popup anywhere with click event
Integrated component: K2, JomSocial, CB & Custom
Compatibility with Joomla 1.7 and 2.5
Easy and friendly back-end administration
Cross Browser Support: IE7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Chrome 8+, Opera 9+
Video tutorials and forum support provided

Version 2.1 upgraded
Missing language
Match style with some templates
Javascript error fixed

Version 2.2 upgraded
Fix ajax language
Fix button css width
Fix link active registration

Version 2.3 upgraded
Show/hide log out button option
Improve getReturnURL function

Version 2.4.0
Fixed: Activation/registration Links sent via email -> broken (Major Issue)
Fixed: Broken layout with dropdown effect
Reload captcha when incorrect
Modify language
Improve css & button style
Add feature: Mouse events (hover/click)

Version 2.4.1
Fix language not load in message and email.
Fix ajax.php problems

Version 2.4.2
Improve ajax response function
Upgrade simplemodal 1.4.3

Version 2.4.3
Added French language and modified some css (Many thanks Mihàly Marti for your contribution)

Version 2.5.1
Fixed: invalid token error
Upgraded: joomla 3.0
Fixed: error with joomla 2.5.8
Fixed: Dropdown effect doesn’t work with wrapper having “overflow:hidden” css
Removed: iframe
Removed: token checking
Added: persit form
Improved: style & code
Removed cache mode –> many errors with ajax login/registration will be solved