July 24th, 2012

BTwitterBTwitter is, by design, an incredibly simple Twitter feed module. I grew tired of trying to find a Joomla 2.5 compatible module that met the following requirements

– Doesn’t slow page loads
– Doesn’t contain heaps of un-necessary chrome
– Simply displays a users timeline, linking to all URL’s, users and hashtags

BTwitter also implements the following in addition to meeting the above criteria

– Option to hide/display Twitter Name
– Customisable number of tweets to display
– Light and Dark styles
– Use (or expansion) of URLs
– Customisable Date display formats
– Display (or hide) Users profile picture
– Inclusion of direct link to status update
– Inclusion of direct link to Users Profile
– Display a follow button
– Show number of followers
– Multi-lingual support (front-end only at the moment, back-end to follow)
– Support for feed caching

The module allows you to display any public twitter feed on your website. The feed is displayed using inline HTML so search-engines etc can also see the content.

The follow button does require an iframe, but all other content appears directly within the HTML body of your site.