BumpIn Social Bar

July 17th, 2011

Social Bar adds a rich set of features to your website making it engaging, sticky and social; resulting in increased traffic SocialBar is meant to enhance the visitor experience with interactive and intuitive features. The bar rests at the bottom of the page and provides a variety of social and site-specific features at just a click of a button. SocialBar is comprehensive and can be customized. BumpIn SocialBar’s features include IM Chat, Shoutbox, Social Share, Navigation and many more.

Retain Users:
Enable visitors to do more right from your page. BumpIn SocialBar enables users to search your site, search google, post on social networks, share on social networks, chat with their friends, and translate your website without having to close your page or changing tabs.

Increase Time Spent by Users:
Make your website much more engaging by using SocialBar. Enable users to share their opinions, see the most recent and the most popular content on your website and view your photo and video albums, thus increasing the time they spend on your website.

Increase Social Traffic:
By making your portal more accessible through social portals such as facebook and twitter, SocialBar increases traffic coming to your website through social sites.

Remove Clutter:
SocialBar takes care of all your visitors’ needs in one sleek application panel, so you do not have to clutter your page with multiple widgets.