Business Google Map

October 7th, 2013

Business Google Map is a joomla module that allows you to display a Google Maps inside a joomla module position or inside an article. It’s the perfect module to display your business location in a google map or, just your personal location if you have a blog, forum, etc. Extensive, backend options to configure the map display, i.e. name, website, email, phone, mobile, city, state, and country. But hold on, that’s not all, you can even show your logo, avatar, picture, photo in the map. The perfect solution to let your costumer know your physical location, with the usual TechGasp style. Includes 10 Techgasp designed glossy icons and is able to display 5 different markers per map. Business Google Map is fully Mobile Responsive. Clean error free code, makes no use of javascript.

A must have for any Joomla Business website.

Extension Options:
Errors and conflicts free. Makes no use of Javascript, jQuery or Ajax
Built with html5, fast page load times, no conflicts
Upgraded to the latest Google Maps V3 API
10 exclusive TechGasp designed glossy Markers
Able to display 5 Markers at the same time
If more than 1 marker selected, you can manually adjust the center of the map and zoom level to best display all markers
Adjustable map width and height to fit your template module sizes
No need for google map api key
Info On Icon click
Displays business or personal Logo / Picture / Avatar
Mobile Responsive
Company Name: Your Company name, your name or username
Image: Upload your own image, best 64px by 64px
Company Address: Your company address or your personal address
City: Your City
State: Your State
Country: Your Country
Phone: Your Phone
Mobile: Your Mobile
Email: Your Email
Website: Your Website link
auto-hides empty fields per marker
Module Class Suffix: Joomla Module Class Suffix
Caching: Yes / No

Version 3.1.9
Fully Mobile Responsive
Fixing Typo in Label Instruction
Version 3.1.7
– Upgraded to Google Maps V3 API
– Added 5 markers per map
– Added 10 TechGasp designed glossy Icon Markers
– Backend administrator redesign
Version 2.6.5
– Added Joomla 3.x compatibility
Version 2.6.6
– Moving Title or name to display centred next to logo or avatar
– Improving other fields layout