Buttons for GeSHi

October 31st, 2013

This content plugin inserts buttons above a pre section which was highlighted by GeSHi.

There are 3 buttons available:

1. View text
2. Select text
3. Copy text to clipboard (Internet Explorer only)

The plugin works with javascript only and without flash.

To get it work you have to pay attention to the plugin order. The GeSHi code highlighting plugin must be before the buttons plugin.

Release History

1.4.1 [2013-10-30]
– Bug fix: Exclude string did not work since version 1.4.0

1.4.0 [2013-10-09]
– New version vor Joomla! 3.1. Older versions are no longer updated.
– New option for button style
– Complete translation
– Updateserver is no longer available and is removed
– Bug fix: If no space and/or linebreak was between the pre tag and the text before the plugin did not work correctly.

1.2.2 [2012-02-12]
– Tested with Joomla! 2.5 (no changes)

1.2.2 [2011-08-18]

– Fixed: Other language files than en-GB were not installed (1.6 and 1.7).
– Added: Noscript area if JavaScript is disabled
– New: Version for 1.7 available (nearly the same as 1.6)

1.2.1 [2011-05-20]

– Fixed: Old view function did not work correctly with IE8. New view function did not work at all with IE8.

1.2.0 [2011-05-19]

– Changed: If cache is enabled the copy button is also shown (if enabled) on other browsers than IE. Otherwise you get a strange behaviour for user with different browsers.

– Changed: The method to view code was improved.

Note: May be you have to clear your browser cache or reload a page with CTRL+F5 to get the new view method work.

1.1.0 [2011-05-12]

– Added: Option to show or hide each of the buttons

– Fixed: I used the $params var to check the plugins settings, but this var is also used for the article settings. So the params of the article got lost temporarily (Joomla! 1.5 only). I’m sorry for that.

Note: You can install updates without previous deinstall of the plugin. If not it is mentioned in the release history.