Calc Builder

October 31st, 2013

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CALC BUILDER allows you to create dynamic calculators.
Define your own input user form (types, size, order,validations).
Build results table through PHP code.
Export result table to PDF.
Simple and easy configuration. Library of working examples included.
Extended version to link Calculated results with Virtuemart or Hikashop checkout.

New features added:

– Different form-result positions (top,bottom,left,right)
– New result animations to choose
– New option: init calculator on loaded page

Other Features:

– New Code helper toolbar
– Improvements on matrix data loaded.
– Save last input for returning users
– Text mask
– New layout (bootstrap)
– Size parameters for output popup window
– CSV loading options for multivalues input fields
– New print preferences
– Send email to address entered at the form
– Input form creation through HTML layout.
– Output creation through HTML layout.
– Add custom javascript code.
– Dynamic sections.
– PDF and excel customization.
– Automatic email sending with form contents.
– Custom HTML section as form heading.
– Output configuration parameters: PDF, excel and/or email.
– Combobox fill using SQL query.
– Export/Import calculators.
– Graphic statistics and list of inputs.
– Export results to excel file.
– Send results to email.
– New type of field (linked lists).
– New type of field (separator).
– New type of field (multiple selector).
– Multivalue options ordering.
– Matrix rows/columns ordering.
– CSS class module suffix
– More robust anti-spam system