People Suggest for Community Builder

May 20th, 2013

People Suggest for Community BuilderFacebook & LinkedIn have more than proven the importance of having an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network. People suggest brings all that & more for your very own Social Network !

With Multiple logic algorithms powering suggestions, People suggest is a tool your Social Network cant afford not having !

User Suggestions – Personal recommendations from Friends
Intelligent Profile field Matching (Previously Network Suggest)
Suggestion Preferences – Users can specify Suggestion preferences New !
Mutual Friend Analysis to find “People You May Know” (Previously People You May know)
Invitex Email import Analysis (if enabled in Invitex)
Combinations of above modes in Priority & Random
Admin can decide to choose whether to allow User Preferences for suggestions & how much priority to give to the preferences.
Native JS notifications & email notifications for the ‘Recommend Friends’

Features of People Suggest

Profile Suggestions-Suggest users based on matching profile fields

People You May Know-Mutual Friends analysis to find people likely known to you Let Friends recommend people you should connect with

Recommended Friends-Let Friends recommend people you should connect with

Invitex Integration-Use Contact import data from Invited to suggest friends

Matchmaking Support- Allows you to show suggestions of the opposite gender for Network Suggest

User Preferences-Users can control what kind of suggestions they want from Profile Suggestions

Priority/Random-Use all modes in order of importance to show the best matches or randomly

Matrix Layouts- Show users in a rows & columns as suited to your needs

Multiple Copies-Create as many copies of the modules as you want

JBolo Integration-Integrates with JBolo to let you chat then & there

Ignore Suggestions- Don’t Like a suggestion? Ignore it !

CB/JomSocial-Use with JomSocial or Community Builder

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