CB User notifier

January 23rd, 2012

CB User notifierCB User Notifier gives your member the ultimate search module. They can search for anything on your CB site and save the results. Moreover, if what they are looking for or whom they are looking for is not on the site, the module will be active and wait until the wanted members or objects will be registered on your CB site.

Features – Admin panel (Component):

*Any language – All the words, emails and fields are ready to be translated on the component itself on your admin panel. No need to use joomfish or language files.
*Multi scheduler for running the searches on your site.
*Full control over your members searches and results

Features – Members (Module):
*Simple yet effective module that can be placed anywhere on your site
*Members can define their own searches within ANY fields and any combination of fields of your CB site
*Email notifications when a search came up with results
*Results can be removed from their list so they will filter those they do not want to see.
*Results and searches can be permanently removed and deleted.
*Full list or specific list of results