January 8th, 2013

cedTagsA real free tag system for Joomla!

Unique features
* Tags autocompletion using ajax in both front end and backend: search, add and delete of tags!
* Support 501 Google web fonts! (see screenshots)
* All in one install: 1 components, 5 modules and 4 plugins!
* Stop Words support: some tags do not appear as Terms because they are either insignificant (i.e., articles, prepositions) or common. Filtering can now be now be switched off. 600 Words in English and 950 in German are part of the extension. More than 600 stop words in English and 950 word in German that are filtered out from being tags out of the box. You can also edit these list and add your own set of words

///////// Front end features /////////
* Show tags at the top/bottom/both of each article in frontpage or when viewing articles
* Tag list view + advertisement support
* Tag blog view + advertisement support

* Module (CSS3 modules enable+Display hits & Number of items tagged )
– Module Most popular tags.
– Module Most hits tags.
– Module Latest tags.
– Module Most read tags.

* Auto extractable tag when saving article in frontend

* SEF support, compatible with sh404SEF,ARTIO JoomSEF,AceSEF

* XMap Plugin
* Language file support

* Add/Edit tags when logged in frontend
* Compatible with JoomlFish
* Search plugin.

///////// Back end features /////////

* Statistics page (see screenshots)
– How mane terms are published/unpublished in percentage
– How many terms are having descriptions
– How many articles are still not being tagged

* Tag manager identical as the article manager of Joomla: filter by categories, authors, status, access, language, levels, search and let you add tags by batch

* Import Tags
– from Joomla content Meta keywords
– from 3rd party system
* Export Tags
– to Joomla content Meta Keys
– To CSV files
* Term editable / description /weight.
* Batch term add,
* Batch tag management,
* Language file support,
* Online editing of CSS,
* Online editing of english/german/other stopwords,
* Tags filter by section and category.
* One click installation.

* Frequency to Size algorithm can be selected
– Pareto distribution
– Dynamical number of buckets

User of Joomla Tags, just install this all in one package and select Import – Souce – Joomla Tags and click import to copy your data in the new table.

cedTag a new Tag system for Joomla 2.5 (based on Joomla tags)