CoalaWeb Traffic

June 18th, 2013

CoalaWeb Traffic[Bug Fix Release] CoalaWeb Traffic is a Joomla 2.5 & 3.+ extension to help you keep track of the visitors to your site. The system is made up of a component, module and two system plugins. You can choose to display the module and let visitors see and be amazed by your traffic or unpublish the module and view your website statistics in the admin area its up to you. The use of a plugin to count the traffic also means it will count every visit to your site not just the ones to the pages that the module was published on.

**Please Note: Due to the name change you will have to drop by and download a copy of the new version but you can install it over the top of your existing installation the system will retain your current visitor data. You will also have to add the GEO data base again. Thanks for your support**

Updated “Who is Online” to only display Guests/Members from the last 10 minutes.

** Component options and features **
Export CSV Reports.
Filter and search visitors.
The option to exclude bots
The option to exclude certain IP’s
Option to delete individual records.
Install/Uninstall script integration.
GEO Location Information for visitors.
View in list format all site visitors.
Automatic database clean-up option.
Adjustable lock time before it counts the visitor again.
The option to assign Names and descriptions to known IP’s for easy tracking.

** Module options and features **
Multiple Layouts.
8 icon themes.
Pre-set counter [total].
Who is Online display.
Turn on or off visitor IP.
Turn on or off the date and time.
Language selection for visitor info.
Turn on or off visitor details such as web browser
Display options for today, yesterday, week, month and all

** Plugin options and features **
System Plugin – Count: This plugin is crucial to functionality of the system it quietly counts the visits to your site and then records them in the database.

System Plugin – Clean: This plugin carry’s out the automatic database clean up but only if you have it turned on in the Component Options.

**Current Languages**
Dutch (The Netherlands) nl-NL Thanks to Louk van Dijk
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU Thanks to Vekony Csaba
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Thanks to Carosouza