October 14th, 2013

ChameleonChameleon lets your site respond to all sorts of factors, by changing the way your site looks and acts for each one. Once you’ve used it on a site you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Simple examples:
(1) use different template for mobile/tablet devices.
(2) change branding/menus on your site for visitors coming from an affiliate or from a different country (GeoIP).

You simply set up “conditions” to be detected, plus the “actions” to be performed when the conditions are met. Chameleon does the rest!

What “conditions” can Chameleon detect and act on?

★ Browser (IE v6, FF, iPhone, iPad, tablet, mobile etc; using Categorizr for smart detection)
★ Browser language
★ Date, time, time of day
★ Page type (article, category, front page etc)
★ Virtuemart page types, cart contents, categories & coupons
★ Hikashop page types, categories and specific items
★ K2 page types, categories, authors and more
★ User id and group, logged-in and logged-out users
★ Article id, section and category
★ Component
★ Domain/sub-domain of your site
★ Page URL and HTTP referrer
★ Random probability
★ GeoIP detection of the guest’s city/country
★ All “children” of a given menu or menu item
★ Anything else you can detect with a snippet of PHP.

After it detects any of these conditions, Chameleon can perform any of these “actions” for the current page:

★ dynamically set the template/style
★ dynamically “unpublish” menu items and/or plugins!
★ switch the “default” Joomla page (site home page)
★ switch which menu item will be highlighted as “Active”
★ do an internal or external redirection
★ set metadata, page title, and add JS/CSS
★ set the page language
★ dynamically switch VirtueMart 2.0 shopper group (and therefore pricing structure)
★ run PHP code

Examples of use:

★ Use a different template and change some menu items for logged-in users and guests
★ Switch off comments plugin for a certain content category
★ Use a different template just for IE users
★ Use a different template if your site is embedded in FaceBook
★ Do A/B testing of two different templates, based on random probability. Use different Google Analytics on each template, then compare the performance.
★ Use different templates for and
★ Set up different pricing structures using VirtueMart shopper groups, then switch shopper groups based on domain name, language, time of day or country of origin
★ Timed styles, templates, menu items, and more


v2.35 (14 Oct 2013)
* Hikashop support
* Ability to disable plugins
* bugfixes

v2.33 (6 Aug 2013)
* K2 support
* added template selector to Joomla user profiles!

v2.31 (25 Feb 2013)
* supports VM 2.0.20b
* added support for J3.0; dropped J1.7

v2.28 (26 Nov 2012)
* support for VM 2.0.14; detection of new pagetypes notify/recommend/manufacturer product listing.

v2.27 (23 Jul 2012)
* added Categorizr device detection (mobile/tablet/desktop/tv)