Changes to the Chrome App Support Timeline

August 10th, 2020

In January 2020, we announced that we are expanding our phased approach for ending the support of Chrome Apps. That announcement was made due to significant progress in the modern Web and its ability to deliver first-class user experiences for users. We continue to invest in rich new capabilities on the Web platform and are committed to pushing the Web forward.

Based on feedback from our customers and partners, we are making the following adjustments to the Chrome app support timeline, with modifications highlighted in bold:

Scheduled Date Action
March 2020 Chrome Web Store stopped accepting new public Chrome apps. Developers will be able to update existing Chrome apps through June 2022.

Enterprise administrators may continue to submit new private and unlisted Chrome apps to the Chrome Web Store.

June 2021 General support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux will end June 2021. Organizations will be able to use a policy setting to extend support on Windows, Mac, and Linux through June 2022. General support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS will remain enabled, without requiring any policy setting, through June 2022.
June 2022 Chrome Web Store will stop accepting new and updated private and unlisted Chrome apps.

End support for Chrome Apps, NaCl, PNaCl, and PPAPI for all platforms.

This change does not impact support for Chrome Extensions. Google will continue to support and invest in Chrome Extensions on all existing platforms. Fostering a robust ecosystem of extensions is critical to Chrome’s mission and we are committed to providing a useful extension platform for customizing the browsing experience for all users.

For additional support with Chrome app migration, please visit our Chrome Apps migration site. This page will be kept up to date as we progress together through this process.

We thank our community of developers who have provided feedback to help us shape this modified and simplified approach. We are inspired by a future beyond Chrome apps, where the ecosystem continues forward progress leveraging open Web standards across all modern browsers.

Posted by Anthony Laforge, Technical Director, Chrome Platform Team